Technologies we use

We use cutting edge technologies that employ the most current and high-level IT developments.
Blend IT Solutions, Custom Software Development Company, India Pune is in an extremely dynamic and competitive world of business today, addressing all our challenges. We are here with expertise in technology and domain experience with wide ranging technical skills on numerous processes and platforms. We place great emphasis on Quality assurance and reliability of applications developed. Blend IT Professional Services offer you IT Solutions utilizing industrial standard technologies like

Microsoft .Net

Microsot-.Net Logo Blend IT Solutions creates advanced and user friendly applications using Microsoft .Net, MVC technologies,, Asp.Net MVC 3/4 C#.Net, VB.Net and ADO.Net / Entity Framework /WCF /WPF with support of XML / XSL / XQuery / XPath, JavaScript/ jQuery/ jQuery Mobile/ KnockOut.Js employs the Microsoft's Web services strategy to connect information, people, systems, and devices through software. .NET technology provides the ability to develop an application which can be quickly built, deploy, manage, and use connected, security-enhanced solutions with Web services.
There are many reasons why .NET can help you become a more efficient:
  • Scalability
  • Maintainability
  • Security and Reliability
  • Multi Target (desktop, a browser, a mobile browser)

Java Development

Java Logo Java’s proven capability for building reliable, secure, scalable and flexible applications has been accepted worldwide. Blend IT Solutions expert pool of Java professionals with a brilliant expertise in developing solutions from simple to complex applications with enterprise-class, ensures to deliver Quality applications meeting your utmost requirements. The preeminent practice of Java technologies in Blend is pursued with established development methodologies which enable us to provide you complete industrialized benefits. IT Solutions developed are easy to upgrade, migrate and maintained with minimum risk at minimal cost.
Our Java consulting and development capabilities include:
  • Java Application Development
  • J2EE Application Development
  • Java Struts Development


Java Logo Android Application Development Android is a rich and open operating system that allows us to take maximum advantage of customization that we can do for creating fantastic Android applications.
Not only do we create apps for the Android phones, but also for a host of Android tablets. We do not see the fragmentation of handsets as a challenge and create apps that run seamlessly across brands.
And of course, we don’t just develop applications; we empower entrepreneurs in launching their mobile application business. Why? Because, BITSPL is run by first generation entrepreneurs who understand the challenges faced by entrepreneurs best.

PHP Development

Microsot-.Net Logo Blend IT Solutions has an extensive expertise in PHP Development, assists organizations to organize their collaboration, resource planning, customer and supplier management systems as web applications. With an excellent team of experienced PHP developers we successfully accomplished numerous PHP solutions like Travel storm,, piwik,, sales analytics etc. Our PHP Development Service enables you to effectively accumulate and demonstrate content on your Website. By continuously upholding the uppermost standards of business ethics and commitment towards delivering quality solutions we have successfully positioned at the pinnacle of industry. BITSPL’s skilled team of IT professionals with extensive expertise on PHP Development, work closely with you, analyzes your needs through comprehensive assessment processes and examines your existing systems as well as business goals.

PHP is a server-side scripting language which allows you to perform a number of remarkable functions. Advantages of PHP Development:

  • Low development and maintenance costs.
  • Capability to embed itself into the HTML code.
  • Compatible with servers like Apache and IIS.
  • Ability to dynamically edit, change or add any content of a web page.

PHP Frameworks

Php framework

PHP framework facilitates developers to develop PHP application quickly and efficiently. Choosing proper PHP Framework plays most important role, because it adds an element of robustness and success to the process. BLEND analyzed on PHP frameworks which offer usability, speed, and stability to developers, employ best suited PHP frameworks. Our PHP team with immense expertise bestows the best set of Frameworks in the industry such as CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Zend Framework etc. A planned approach may seem constraining at first but it allocates developers to work both efficiently and effectively on most complex aspects of tasks, and use of Best Practices guarantees stability, maintainability and upgradeability of applications developed.

Word Press


Blend IT Solutions recognizes your need to Design & Build Websites in Word Press. We also support embedding other services like Twitter, Facebook etc. Word Press is an excellent medium to establish because its functions are comprehensive, the coding process is extremely transparent, easy to understand and the documentation is phenomenal as it is built using most common programming language on the web – PHP. Our team here is glad to integrate any existing design into Word Press. We can advise on any adapted development that you require and bestow Quality services to ensure augmentation and getting your site off the ground, by offering the best solutions for you. Advantages of Word Press Include:

  • Simple to Manage your own website from anywhere
  • Extremely cost effective
  • Minimizes editing any code or using FTP process
  • 100% customizable to your requirements
  • Easily expandable, with a huge library of plugins
  • Multiple users, each with different levels of access
  • Easy to take your site to any developer in the future



Blend IT Solutions comprise vastly experienced team which provides support for Drupal websites. Our extensive knowledge of Drupal enables us to handle and accomplish Projects efficiently and quickly satisfying your utmost requirements. Drupal contains an extensive API that allows you to add and modify the functionality of your site. There are many reasons to call upon our Drupal support services. BLEND support and services include:

  • Part-built Drupal projects which have come to a stop and need fresh impetus to bring to completion
  • Drupal-based websites which require Updation.
  • Sites experiencing intermittent or persistent bugs/technical issues
  • Drupal websites where the CMS is not currently being utilised to its full potential
  • Custom Drupal module development to enhance an existing Drupal site



Being one of leading Joomla Development Companies we offer various Joomla services to you. We have served many of our customers and have become one of the leading Joomla Based Web Development Companies. We provide advanced Developing Application/Portals/Websites to the customers using Joomla, platform. We work with Professional Joomla Programmers who have more than a decade of industrial experience. Joomla is considered as one of the best open source content management platforms where a developer can easily create complex websites. Our organization works with most trusted and experienced team. Customers, who have taken our services, consider us being the largest and most reliable company for Joomla website development.



XRMS CRM is the most advanced open source CRM application written in PHP. XRMS CRM is a web-based application for organizing business entities like employees, customers, associates, activities with those associates, etc. XRMS CRM generally falls into the category of application known as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales Force Automation (SFA), with facet of Business Intelligence (BI).



Elgg, an open source social networking engine which has been especially designed for social grounds, comes with a range of enriched features and tools which help you share collaborate and connect socially. It becomes a powerful hub for your organization with features such as Blogging, Social Bookmarking, Conversations etc. It is a highly configured open source networking engine which helps you power your social network. We, at Blend IT Solutions have been focusing majorly on development of social networks, e- learning platforms, customized Internet solutions and social commerce solutions. Prevalent as one of the most renowned developers in the industry, we base our solutions on Elgg framework. Our team of experts focuses on executing customized web solution with social networking aspects. We help you manage your website right from planning phase to maintenance

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