GurukulMaster/School Management Software

It gracefully handles all the requirements For Easy School Management.
Gurukul Master comprises of various sub modules to facilitate all the departments’ proceedings and functions. It centralizes the mountains of data to learning and automates routing administrative functions. This package has education's most flexible and interactive scheduling function, thus meeting the communication and information needs of schools.

Technology is assisting every business to grow, so why not the educational industry. Keeping the requirements in mind, we have developed software exclusively for managing the administration and working of schools.

This system provides separate login ids to students, faculty, staff, management, parents and alumni. This helps in bridging the communication gap among all the concerned people.

It is very helpful for the parents to keep a constant check on their children’s performance at any point of time. Even if they are out of town, they can access the system online.

The system also helps the management to go through students profile at any point of time. Every aspect of school can be managed by School management system. Admission process is simplified by the system and it reduces the paper work and time consumption.

Each student’s attendance can be viewed through the system as per various formats like daily weekly, monthly or yearly.

There is a separate examination module to conduct exams and present report cards. The other modules consists of library module, sports module, transportation module, hostel module, events module, utility module, payment module and many more.

Each module can be added or deducted from the main system depending upon the requirement of each school. We provide tailor made services for our clients.

The GurukulMaster from the traditional school through the physical media that links administrators, teachers, and students.

Main Modules of Gurukul. School Management Software

1) Student management Module :

  • Student inquiry.
  • Student registration
  • Student T.C. generation
  • Character certificate generation
  • Different reports of students

2) Exam Management Module:

This module is responsible for following activities:
  • Marks management.
  • Grade management.

3) Hostel Management Module:

This module comprise of following activities:
  • Information of block, hostel, room & beds.
  • Hostel fee structure creation.
  • Hostel allocation.
  • Hostel fee collection.

4) Transport Management Module:

 This module comprises of following activities:
  • Vehicles information.
  • Root and boarding point setup.
  • Passenger allocation.
  • Vehicles fair collections

5) Accounting Module:

This module comprises of following activities:
  • Account group setup
  • Fee head setup
  • Payment management
  • Payment received management.

6) Staff Management Module:

 This module comprises of following activities:
  • Staff registration
  • Staff discipline
  • Staff attendance

 7) Library Management Module:

This module is responsible to handle entire issues of library operations, like
  • Creation of members.
  • Defining the circulation rule.
  • Purchase order management
  • Books stock management.
  • Issue and return of books.
  • Books Reservation
  • Different reports of library, etc.

8) Time table Management module:

This module comprise of following activities:
  • Day setup
  • Period setup
  • Period timing
  • Teacher subject allocation.

9) Other Utility:

Backup Management Module:  This module is responsible for securing data by taking backup of data in desired direction.
Change password: In case the user forgets the password, administrator can reset the password.

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